Standard Relay

This relay unit is compact with a simple one hole fixing, the 70 ohm coils have diode spark suppression. The contact block is located by a tight tolerance moulding to ensure the silver contact wires are held square to the nickel silver wiper bar.
Order Details Ref Code
6 Contacts RL6 FS164
10 Contacts RL10 FS165
18 Contacts RL18 FS166
24 Contacts RL24 AS167
32 Contacts RL32 AS168
Insulated Relay This unit is similar to the standard unit, but the con-tacts are individual pairs operated by an insulated wiper bar.  
Order detailsRefCode
4 PairsIRL 4AS169
8 PairsIRL 8AS170
12 PairsIRL12AS171
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