Contact Assemblies

K-A Contact Assemblies consist of a lamination of smooth faced paxolin layers to ensure free movement of the contact wires; plastic rods are inserted through the assembly to locate each wire and impart the correct degree of spring tension. Contact wires are manufactured in gold clad for very low current applications as found in electron-ics, and solid silver for all normal pipe organ applications. Non standard assemblies can be made to special order.
3 Silver Wires 15/16″CAL3FS075
4 Silver Wires 15/16″CAL4FS076
6 Silver Wires 15/16″CAL6FS077
8 Silver Wires 15/16″CAL8FS078
 9 Silver Wires 15/16″CAL9AS079
10 Silver Wires 15/16″CAL10AS080
4 Silver Wires 1/2″