Drawstop Solenoids

Available with: Standard solder tags or Plug connectors


LMT Drawstop- 25mm stroke
Quite action
Code: AS012
 LMT-customised flange 
MT Drawstop- 16mm strokeCode: AS013


5/8 ” drawstop
Quite action

(Can be adapted for 7/8 stroke)

Code: AS014

*All Drawstops are supplied with black rod and white bush as standard*

Standard K-A Drawstop Knobs

Plastic Moulded Knobs
  • Stem 5/16 dia. X 5/8 long aluminium as standard ( can be modified)
  • Black and ivory colour combinations available on all parts.
Ref Code
PH AS019
PH/2 AS020
PF AS025
Dimensions Head diameter 1 1/4″ Length 2″ Stem diameter 5/16″ Wooden Knob AS121
Head diameter 1 1/4″ Maple Knob AS121


  • Ivory Coloured ABS plastic insert.
  • Grained Ivorine insert.

Available in the following Materials:

  • Also available are Rosewood drawstop rods Ref. RWR, 1 1/2‖ long x
    5/8‖ diameter
  • These parts can be supplied with natural or lacquered finish

Rod options

Lengths 1 5/16″ white or black
1 5/16″ white & black
1 1/2″ white or black
1 1/2″ white & black
The above are standard rods as fitted to K-A Drawstop Solenoids.
Lengths 2 ” black or white
2 3/4″ black
The two above rods have our standard fitting and are suitable for use with K-A Solenoids We now have available Rosewood Rods in our standard fitting and 1 1/2″ long x 5/8″ diameter.

Drawstop Extension Rods

Black, White, or Black & White combination plastic extension Rods threaded to fit K-A Drawstop Solenoids

Basic Rod Dimensions

Order Details Ref Code
1 5/16″ white or black BR FS027
1 5/16″ white & black BR FS029
1 1/2″ white or black BR FS028
1 1/2″ white & black 1 1/2 B/W
2″ black 2 BR FS032
2 3/4″ black 2 3/4 BR FS033

Drawstop Bushes

For direct insertion into Console Jambs. Lined with red felt.
NOTE:- These will not fit the K-A Draw-

Order DetailsRefCode

Standard K-A Drawstop Solenoid Bush

These units are fitted as stan-dard to K-A drawstop Solenoids in black or white and felted in red.
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