Chest Magnet

The standard and top note magnets have a strong section die cast base and cap. The valve is held in position in the cap by a stainless steel strip , it is easily adjusted by the knurled top and locking ring. The cap can be removed if necessary without disturbing the valve setting.

Order detailsRefCode
Corrosion resistant unitDC1-SFS217
Standard UnitDC1FS221
Loose armature unitDC-1LFS222
Top Note 1/8″ dia insertTN1FS223
Top Note 3/16″ dia insertTN2FS224
Top Note 1/4″ dia insertTN3FS225
  • Various technical modifications have recently been made to increase the speed and power of this unit.
  • Many spare parts are available for restoration
  • Corrosion resistant unit has stainless steel valve and armature connector. Fixed armature is detachable.
  • Available in 70 or 140 ohm coil

Altron Magnet

Very high speed / High wind unit designed for high repe-tition rates. A precision coil assembly and magnetic flux circuit provides high efficiency.

Available in north America via nelson Barden & Associ-ates.


Order detailsRefCode
Altron MagnetAL1FS220

Moulded in phosphor bronze leads are integral to base moulding.

  • 120 ohm coil
  • High degree of corrosion resistance

Compound Magnet

The Compound magnet combines the function of a chest magnet and a primary pneumatic stage in one
compact assembly. Only the addition of an exhaust pneumatic power motor is needed to make a
compact, quiet and fast electro-pneumatic action.
A typical sound board action would have the power motor glued to the upper surface of the bottom board
and the compound magnet screwed to the underside with a boring connecting the two. Alternatively, a
compound magnet can be used as the primary stage of an exhaust pneumatic chest action.

Compound magnet details: DIMENSIONS:

Description of Operation

Chamber B is permanently connected to pressurised air through ports (not shown in the section drawing) that communicate with the boring for the magnet coil. The underside of the diaphragm is thus always pres-surised, whether the magnet is energised or not.
Magnet de-energised
Pressurised air flows through port A into chamber C. Both sides of the diaphragm (B & C) are at equal pressure so the diaphragm produces no net force. The air pressure in chamber B pushes the disc valve D downwards and pressurised air reaches port E and hence the inside of the pneumatic power motor.
Magnet energised
The armature lifts and chamber C is exhausted to atmosphere via port A. the pressure in chamber B is higher than that in chamber C. The diaphragm moves upwards because the area of the diaphragm is greater than the area of valve D. The pneumatic power motor exhausts to atmosphere via valve D.

Order detailsRefCode
1/2″ compound magnetCO2FS228 loose armature
1/2″ compound magnetCO2-FFS245 fixed armature
9/16″ compound magnetCO4FS230 loose armature
9/16″ compound magnetCO4-FFS247 fixed armature
3/4″ compound magnetCO3FS229 loose armature
3/4″ compound magnetCO3-FFS248 fixed armature

Vertical Pallet Magnet

This is a solenoid-operated direct pallet magnet with 70 ohm coil and diode suppression. The unit has a unique method of adjustable air damping to give correct pipe speech and to control the speed of open-ing and closing of the pallet. To ensure correct seat-ing, the pallet has a flexible mounting.
The solenoid armature is finished in polished hard chromium plate, sliding in a fine bore brass tube.
The unit which should only be mounted vertically has a simple one screw fixing through a key hole slot. When tightened the slight concave foot is de-signed to prevent any unwanted movement.
Note: These units should only be used in a dry and clean location.

Order DetailsRefCode
Vertical pallet magnet 70 ohm coilAD 1 1/4″FS206
Vertical pallet magnet 70 ohm coil
( Both items fitted with stronger return spring )
AD 7/8″FS215
Vertical pallet magnet 100 ohm coilAD 1 1/4″ /BFS207
Vertical pallet magnet 100 ohm coil
( use in clean condition environment
fitted with weaker spring )
AD 7/8″ /BFS208
7/8 pallet onlyAD/P 
1 1/4 pallet onlyAD/P 
Heavy return springAD/S 
  • Units can be fitted with either strong or weak springs upon request.

Light Pattern Magnet

Key features

  • 1 screw fitting—claw base grip
  • Stainless Steel pivot
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Adjustable pallet height
  • High repetition rates
  • Available with a range of 4 pallet sizes & 3 coil ranges
  • The unit has been designed to give high repeti-tion rates via a very efficient magnetic circuit that locks the armature without any valve bounce.
Order details

Light pattern magnet 5/8″ pallet , 90 ohm coil

LPM 5/8″FS159
Light pattern magnet 5/8″ pallet , 60 ohm coilLPM 5/8″GFS140
Light pattern magnet 5/8″ pallet , 50 ohm coilLPM 5/8″RFS155
Light pattern magnet 3/4″ pallet , 90 ohm coilLPM 3/4″FS160
Light pattern magnet 3/4″ pallet , 60 ohm coilLPM 3/4″GFS141
Light pattern magnet 3/4″ pallet , 50 ohm coilLPM 3/4″RFS172
Light pattern magnet 1″ pallet , 90 ohm coilLPM 1″FS162
Light pattern magnet 1″ pallet , 60 ohm coilLPM 1″GFS142
Light pattern magnet 1″ pallet , 50 ohm coilLPM 1″RFS173
Light pattern magnet 1 1/8″ pallet , 90 ohm coilLPM 1 1/8″FS161
Light pattern magnet 1 1/8″ pallet , 60 ohm coilLPM 1 1/8″GFS143
Light pattern magnet 1 1/8″ pallet , 50 ohm coilLPM 1 1/8″RFS174
Light pattern magnet ( no leads ,diode or pallet 90 ohm coil)LPM /9AS144
Light pattern magnet ( no leads ,diode or pallet 60 ohm coil)LPM /6AS145

Lever Magnets

Kimber Allen’s three types of Lever Magnets have the common features of a strong steel frame and ar-mature, with a non magnetic retentive pole. The stainless steel pivot has a plastic leaf inserted be-tween the frame and the armature to ensure silent and frictionless operation. Diode suppression is fit-ted as standard to the colour coded coils. Black
100 ohms, Green 70 ohms, Red 50 ohms.

  • Solid extension arm available

Free Lever Magnet

The Free lever is a simple magnet with an adjust-able extension arm, having three .090″ dia holes intended for tapped wires etc.

Order detailsRef Code
Free Lever 100 ohm coilFLBAS177
Free Lever 70 ohm coilFLGAS178
Free Lever 50 ohm coilFLRAS179

Sprung Lever Magnet

The Sprung lever is similar to the Free Lever with the addition of an adjustable return spring fitted to the rear end of the armature.

Order Details Ref Code
Sprung Lever 100 ohm coilSLBAS180
Sprung Lever 70 ohm coilSLGAS181
Sprung lever 50 ohm coilSLRAS182

Inverted Sprung Lever

The Inverted Lever is similar to the Sprung Lever, but with an inverted action.
Order detailsRefCode
Inverted Lever 100 ohm coilISBAS183
Inverted Lever 70 ohm coilISGAS184
Inverted Lever 50 ohm coilISRAS185

Direct Pallet Magnets

These two types of magnets follow the general design fea-tures of the lever magnets. They are intended for direct pal-let operation, and are easily installed and have full adjust-ment of the return spring and regulation of the armature. The coils follow the same colour coding as the lever mag-nets and have diode suppression.

Direct Pallet Magnet

This Direct magnet has an adjustable pallet and pallet shoe. Pallets illustrated at the bottom of this page can be supplied as separate items or can be factory fitted. If this is required please state pallet size required.

Order detailsRefCode
Direct Pallet 100 ohm coilDPBAS191
Direct Pallet 70 ohm coilDPGAS192
Direct Pallet 50 ohm coilDPRAS193

Pallet Magnet No.2

The No.2 magnet is similar in general design to the
direct magnet above. It features an alternative method of pallet regulation by means of a brass arm which can be ma-nipulated to suit any special requirements. As the pallet is factory fitted, pallet size must be given with order.

Order detailsRefCode
No.2 Pallet 100 ohm coilDPV/BAS207
No.2 Pallet 70 ohm coilDPV/GAS208
No.2 Pallet 50 ohm coilDPV/RAS209

Pallets for Direct Pallet Magnets

Bonded assembly of red fibre board backing with green felt and quality chrome leather facing.

Order DetailsRefCode
5/8″ dia Pallet5/8″FS194
3/4″ dia Pallet3/4″FS195
7/8″ dia Pallet7/8″FS196
1 ” dia Pallet1 “FS197
1 1/8″ dia Pallet1 1/8″FS198
1 1/4″ dia Pallet1 1/4″FS199
1 3/8″ dia Pallet1 3/8″FS200
1 1/2″ dia Pallet1 1/2″FS201

Heavy duty lever magnet

  • Phosphor bronze bushing / stainless steel pivots / self lubricating.
  • 30 ohm high power unit
  • Quiet in operation
  • Powerful action
  • Base has 4 fixing holes
  • Base gasket available
  • Choice of pallet and extension arms

Order details

No armHD-2AS236
Short armHDA-2AS237
Long arm 2″ palletHDP-2AS238
Long arm 2 1/2″ palletHDP-2 1/2″AS239
Mounting gasket AS240
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