Original Stop Key Unit

  • This KA design is intended both for horizontal and vertical mounting.
  • The unit is housed in a tough moulded body, open on one side for maximum accessibility.
  • The toggle action has easy adjustment.
  • Tab movement is adjustable by two screws.
  • Spark suppression is not fitted as standard, but diodes can be factory fitted if polarity is indicated with order.
  • KA10 solid state combination system relays (code FS256) can be factory fitted. Details of this option available on request.
  • The horizontal and vertical units can be factory fitted with:- tabs AS039 & AS040.
  • The vertical tilting tabis designed for tab AS042. This tab is supplied separatelt for the customer to glue to the special base provided to ensure correct line-up.
  • This assembly is intended for 5/8″ thick facial panelling.

Horizontal Mounting
Horizontal Mounting (2nd touch cancel)
Vertical MountingSKVFS002
Vertical TiltingSKTAS006

Magnetic Toggle Stop Key Unit

  • Fitted with adjustable magnetic toggle and plug in connector for coils and reed switch Connections.
  • All setting adjustments are carried out from the rear of the unit.
  • 32° standard arm angle
  • 30 ohm coils
  • Mounting by base or front face
  • Adjustable stroke
  • Reed switch contacts

Stop Key Unit-Standard Tab
Stop key-Tilting Tab – see below.
Stop Key Rocking Tab Assembly
Combination relayExtra, or alternate, reed switch position at customers request.

The new model is designed with a straight end to the armature, over which is a felt sleeve.
The tilting mechanism is a separate two piece moulding which is screwed to the front of
the console facia panel.
The rear end of the moulding engages over the sleeve of thearmature:this ensures no lost motion and complete silence in operation.The tab mounting section is designed to take either our TAB/M – AS042 or our new flat plastic tab AS043.
It is equally suitable for use with customers own custom tabs.

Rocking Tab Stop Key Unit
Rocking Tab
Stop Key Unit

Rocking mechanism only
2 piece nylon moulding
~ clips together ~














Stop Tab Unit

  • The KA Stop Tabs have a smooth manually operated toggle action.
  • Movement of the Tab is adjustable by means of two felted stops.
  • The contacts are nickel silver.
  • The solder connections are readily accessible at the rear of the unit.
  • Normal Contacts are single pole changeover configurations, but a single make and break can be supplied.
  • The standard unit can be factory fitted with : Tabs ASO39 and AS040
  • The Tilting Tab is designed for Tabs AS042 and ASO43 which are sold separately.

 Tilting TabSTU/TAS064
  • Two types of Stop Key Tabs are available, they can be factory fitted to KA Stop Keys and Stop Tabs or supplied separately, either plain or engraved.

 Machined from solid grained ivorine. an excellent substitute for pure ivory.TAB/SASO39
These are moulded from Ivory Cycolac. To ensure consistent shape, flatness, colour and finish
they are a two-piece moulding permanently bonded together. Other colours to special order.
Tilting Tablets are moulded from Ivory Cycolac and have a recessed serrated area on the back face
for gluing to the special Stop Tab arm.
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