Toe Pistons

Both the square and round Toe Pistons have a solid die-cast body, with a centre nylon bearing bush to accommodate the spindle and contacts. The Caps are drawn from heavy gauge brass and designed to cover the main body at all times. The contacts are spring tempered phosphor bronze with a good wiping action on the polished centre spindle.

Square Toe PistonsRefCode
Bronze Cap and Base415EFS146
Bronze Cap and Base with 2nd Touch415E/DTAS147
Polished Chrome Cap and Base415E/ECFS148
Round Toe Pistons Ref Code
Satin Black Body-. Polished Brass Cap TPW FS149
Satin Black Body Polished Brass Cap with 2nd Touch TPW/DT AS150
Note: Other cap/body colour combinations to special order.
Solid brass Toe pistonRefCode
KA Pattern
Flanged body
Plain cap
Rear screw fixing
Head diameter 1 3/4″
Flange diameter 2 3/16″
Shank diameter 1 1/2″
Bored hole 1 1/2″ dia.
TPB/1TPB/1 AS151
  • Can be fitted with reed switch operation upon request.
  • Unit is keyed and can be engraved if requested.
Solid brass Toe PistonRefCode
Harrison & Harrison pattern
Flanged body
Concentric ring textured cap
Through hole, countersunk fixing
Head diameter 1 5/8″
Flange diameter 2 3/16″
Shank diameter 1 1/8″
Bored hole 1 1/8″
  • Can be fitted with reed switch operation upon request.
Solid brass Toe Piston Ref Code
Manders pattern plain cap no flange body fastened by clamp on rear flange Head diameter 1 3/4″ Shank diameter 1.400″ TPB/3 AS154
NOTE: Downward force on piston Is taken between underside of cap and front face of jamb.

Reed Switch operation for Toe Pistons

All Kimber Allen Toe Pistons are now available with the option of reed switch contacts specifically for use where solid state circuitry is employed. The reed switch is mounted on a fibreglass board and actuated by permanent ring magnets fitted to the moving plunger; this arrangement ensures that there is only one make and break signal for each operation of the piston.

The reed switch contacts have a maximum current rating of 0.5 amps @ 20 volts D.C. and if required can be fitted with a voltage dependent resistor for spark suppression.

The dimensions of the reed switch unit are the same as for K-A mechanical contact Toe Pistons and as such can be retrofitted to existing installations without alteration to clearance holes

Round Toe Pistons Ref Code
Satin Black Body Polished Brass Cap TPW/R FS149/R
Square Toe Pistons Ref Code
Bronze Cap and Base 415/R FS146/R
Polished Chrome Cap and Base 415E/EC/R FS148/R
Note: Other colour combinations of cap and base are available to special order. We can also fit weaker springs for a quiet return action.
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